Lawn Mower

Lawn Mower

Lawn Mower

A lawn mower is a machine with a rotary cutting mechanism for keeping grass trimmed to lawn height. The decision of which type of lawn mower to buy hinges first on two questions: How large is the area to be mowed? How much physical effort does the lawn owner want to invest in lawn care?

Owners of large lawns usually choose between a zero-turn riding lawn mower and a traditional lawn tractor. Zero-turn mowers come with wider mowing decks and are extremely maneuverable, able to mow around a small sapling tree for instance. However, they are more expensive, may be more difficult to learn to operate, and cannot pull attachments.

Lawn tractors, the familiar suburban riding lawn mower, cannot mow as closely to obstacles, so the user must do more trim work after mowing. Lawn tractors are unstable on slopes. They are easy to drive, offer a vast array of options and price points, and can pull attachments like spreaders for lawn fertilizer or lawn aerators. The ability to mow in reverse gear, forward and reverse foot controls and cruise control on the throttle are very useful features.

Lawn owners who want heighten their fitness while shortening their grass have several walk-behind lawn mowers to choose from. These include the familiar gas-powered push mower, the self-propelled mower, the electric mower, and the non motorized reel lawn mower.

Gas powered push mowers are excellent for medium sized yards, with enough power to cut heavy grass and coarser yard weeds. They are less expensive than riding models and are lightweight. Baggers and mulchers are common attachments.

However, they are noisy and expose the user to exhaust and to more risk of contact with the blades than other types. Self-propelled models are heavy and may move too fast for some users.

All gas powered mowers require annual engine maintenance and engine oil should be checked before each use.

Owners of small lawns may choose an electric mower or a non motorized reel mower. Electric mowers are not noisy and reel mowers are almost silent. Both types are light weight. The scissor-type cutting action of reel mowers is said to be best for grass health. Baggers are options for both types. Neither offers mulching.

Electric mowers require a heavy-duty extension cord and access to an outlet. Reel mowers are for lawns without rocks or rough ground. Their blades must be sharpened more often than power mowers.

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