Lawn Care

For any homeowner, lawn care is sure to be an important thing. The overall look and aesthetics of the home are certainly affected by the lawn, so it is necessary that the lawn is properly cared for and maintained. The amount of lawn care and specific work that is involved often depends on the climate and the size of the property. This can be done by the homeowner or a professional lawn company can be hired to do this work.

Lawn Care

Lawn Care

Depending on the time of year, there are varied things that should be done when it comes to lawn care. In the spring when the lawn is first coming back in, it is important to start the season with a clean yard. The lawn mower should be set to a lower height for the very first mowing. After the mowing is done, all debris and grass clippings need to get raked out. By removing all of the dead debris that has accumulated over the winter, the lawn will be able to get a good start. At this time, a lawn fertilizer can also be applied.

The majority of lawn care is going to be done during the summer months. This is when the grass is growing the most and will need the most work. Watering on a regular basis will help to ensure that the lawn is receiving all of the necessary moisture and is not given the opportunity to dry out.

Lawn care will certainly include a good deal of weeding during the summer. One option that many people choose would be to have the weeding and fertilizing be done by a professional company. This will ensure that the proper chemicals and nutrients are applied to the lawn at the right time.

As the summer is winding down, a lawn will grow less and begin to go dormant. In the fall, many people will do one last treatment of fertilizer as well as over seeding and aerating. For larger lawns, a motorized lawn aerator is most convenient. Otherwise, there are basic push models that will aerate a smaller property quite easily.

Lawn care does not have to be a confusing or difficult thing for any homeowner. It just takes a bit of dedication and hard work. With these things, anybody can get and maintain a lawn that looks great throughout the entire year.

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