Lawn Aerators

Lawn aerators are tools used to enhance the look of a lawn, to add to the health of all types of soils, and to improve water efficiency. This aide to lawn care is pushed, driven, or pulled, depending on the size of the machine, over the lawn, resulting in tiny holes that allow water to seep into the soil. This softens the dirt, allowing penetration, instead of water running off the surface of the lawn. Loosening compact soil this way allows less watering, which can save money in the long run. The additional water consumption by the lawn also results in greener grass.

Lawn aeration alone does not guarantee a healthy, lush lawn. Thatching, lawn fertilization, over seeding, and liming are excellent contributors to the health and overall beauty of a lawn. There are, however, major benefits to using a lawn aerator: water, air, and nutrients can get right to the roots; less damage results during serious drought times; thatch development is better managed and controlled; soil compaction is significantly reduced; runoff abates; and drainage improves drastically.

The repetitiveness of lawn aeration depends on the home situation, the land situation, and the yard’s location. On average, every one to two years is sufficient. A lot of activity occurring on a regular basis, such as children, parties, and pets, may validate aerating as much as twice a year. Even having terraces or hills of any size can beg for more regular aeration. New lawns may also require more continuous aeration, to rebuild the health of the soil after builders and landscapers have left their mark during the construction process.

Overseeding and fertilizing are very good ideas for immediately after using a lawn aerator. Landscapers often suggest spring and summer for using a lawn aerator. Ideal temperatures for aerating a lawn are between 50 and 75 degrees.

There are several different types of lawn aerators to use on lawns and small pastures. Lawn aerator machines, aerator shoes, liquid aeration, tow behind aerators for a lawn mower, and hand aerators are all viable options, depending on the size of the lawn, the frequency of aeration, and the funds available for purchasing or renting.

Incorporating lawn aeration into a home’s maintenance routine greatly benefits the health of the yard and the aesthetic properties of the neighborhood.

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